catching up

I've been very remiss in keeping this blog, so this will a long post, probably with several pictures, as a catch up. So click to read the rest!

I have a new fountain pen, as I wrote in my entry on may 28, but I haven't shown it to you yet. Well here it is, and by the magic of paintshop pro, I've been able to show it with the cap on and without. It's not really two pens!

Crafting: I've been having fun with making my own envelopes and notecards. My daughter and I found a lot of old girls' annuals in a junk shop and I bought the lot, 16 books! I collect them anyway, but one or two of them were too battered to put into my collection. So I have been cutting them up to make envelopes and notecards. I try to pick a story with a good illustration, then use that for the front of the card. And then I make the envelope from the same story. They look rather nice, even though I do say so! Here is one of them:

Stationery: Hoorah, cute-stationery is back! It used to be a site, but now it's .com and it's open for business again, selling very cute stationery. I bought a lovely Amy & Tim writing pad and I'll definitely be ordering from them again.

I think I'm about all caught up now. If you'd like to write to me, please do! If you want my snail mail address, please do email me.


Henderica said...

Oh thank you for willing to send me some Welsh airmail stickers :D yes I think I borrowed that picture from you of them you on my blog ;)

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